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A concierge newborn and toddler in-home sleep training service.
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Our Goal
To establish regular sleep patterns for your newborn
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Baby whisperer thrives on creating a safe, stable and sleep comfortable atmosphere to allow your baby a good night’s sleep.
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Baby Whisperer

About us

Baby Whisperer was founded in 2020 by Carey Raskind.  Carey is a devoted mother of 5 children ranging in age from 19-27 and a grandmother to a 6-year-old and two newborns born July and September of 2021.

Carey has a background in day care, nanny services, and sleep training and has successfully trained dozens of newborns to sleep through the night is the founder of a Social Media group of over 10,000 members dedicated to helping and guiding single mothers that need support.  Baby Whisperers is based out of Santa Clarita and has specialists available in parts of Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties

Our Services

A sleep training specialist will travel to your home nightly to guide the baby to a good night’s rest so your family can make the transition from surviving the night…to thriving. Available in parts of Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties. Check for availablility

Overnight Newborn Care Specialist

Baby whisperer are a team of sleep training specialists trained with the knowledge and understanding to care for your infant(s) giving you the luxury of staying in your own home. Working with Baby Whisperer allows your newborn to receive top of line care while allowing the parents to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Newborn Sleep Consulting

Baby Whisperer arms parents with proven, efficient, and compassionate approach for fostering healthy sleep habits. Baby Whisperer uses your baby’s natural rhythms as a guide, we will get your baby on a path to restful nights.

Working together to Guide and Educate

Baby Whisperer educates parents about the importance of nighttime and daytime routines, provides direction on implementing them, and shares the tools with you and your family to have your baby sleeping through the night by as early as 3 months of age.

Baby Whisperer

Where to start?

A phone consultation free of charge designed to answer any questions you have about our services. 

Individual timelines may vary; a desired outcome may be achieved in variable lengths, which are carefully tailored to the specific needs of your baby.Our basic package offers sleep notes and evaluation after observation, text support and four weeks of in-home, overnight sleep training services. Additional services can be discussed during consultation (insert hyperlink to application)

  • Baby Whisperer

    A concierge newborn and toddler in-home sleep training service.

  • Mission statement

    Baby whisperer thrives on sleep comfortable atmosphere to allow your baby a good night’s sleep.

  • Our Goal

    To establish regular sleep patterns for your newborn


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Meet Our Nurses

Meet our nurses:


I have always dreamt of having tons of babies, since I was a little girl I always said I want 20 kids, well reality is I didn’t have 20 kids, I have 5! I knew I wanted to do something with babies/kids.. sleep training became easy for me as I did this with each of my children, a time  where sleep is so important help is needed, and I am glad I can be that person for so many families! I can not wait to get to know your family and help you through the first few weeks of your babies life! 

Meet our nurses:


When I was a kid, I dreamed of having a big family.  Thankfully I was blessed with what I asked for and even more.   Through my 12+years’ experience with newborns I knew I had finally found my passion. Between working with these precious angels as well as their parents I have found a beautiful space to care for as well as share my knowledge with the families I work with. When I’m with your family I give a piece of my heart to your bundle of joy and do all I can to facilitate great habits and care! My clients take pride in me and I always want to make sure it’s a wonderful experience from beginning to end! I can’t wait to meet your little one. 💕

Meet our nurses:


Hello! My name is Sam, I’m 32, mother of 2 little girls with a fun and energetic personality. I live for my children during the day and for yours by night. 

Meet our nurses:


As a mom of 3 littles, I understand the importance of sleep. We must take care of ourselves in order to be able to provide the best for our kids. I firmly believe that a good night’s sleep for both mom and baby is not only important but also a healthy habit. As a night nurse, I hope I can help you & your baby create a nighttime routine that benefits everyone. I look forward to working with & your little ones! 

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